Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thanoon Seafood Restaurant (านอาหารท่านุ่นซีฟู๊ด)

Thanoon Seafood Restaurant is a restaurant which is adjacent to the Sarasin Bridge and on the other side of the mainline.

This is a restaurant which has steadily become more and more popular and is now a chosen restaurant for many companies. The location is superb - the seating is on the sand close to the bridge or under a roof.

We have been here a number of times but from reading other reviews the location is great but can be (depending on the weather) a little exposed. Reading TripAdvisor there has also bee a repeating problem with the manager of the restaurant but we have never had this.

The menu is in Thai and I believe that there was a menu in English but I did not ask for one. The food was good but the location made it feel all the much better - as we ate there were a number of small groups (max 6) which visited us.

The food was cooked for the Thai guest and it was only whilst I ate that I notice that there seemed to be some dishes which were cooked for the small groups of foreigner visitors?

The prawns were certainly fresh.

The Som Tam and the deep fried fish was definitely something which I would have again! 

A great place to visit if you are travelling from Phuket to Khao Lak or the other way around.


Phone Number: 076 452 052
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Nr. Sarasin Bridge, in Phang Nga
Hours: 11:00 - 21:30 

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