Monday, April 14, 2014

Keng-tin Traditional Phuket Snack Shop

I think that I entered here for the first time in 2011 and I swiftly became addicted to their Bubble Tea - I think it was after a Vegetarian Festival when I was so exhausted I needed something more than just a cold drink.

Since then I have returned and learnt a little more about the place. There does seem to be a degree of history surrounding the place - this text is from Phuket-E magazine.

Tao So or Chinese Pastry one of the local snacks of Phuket is well-known of its good taste among local Thai, Chinese and the tourists. Keng Tin Snack Shop on Phuket Road, near Bang Neow inter section has been a famous producer of Tao So and many kinds of local snack (Hokkien style) for over 65 years.

Inside the shop, the array of local snacks are on offer.  All are delectable with tasty flavor.
Tao So served with hot Chinese tea, Khanom Koh (ancient style) is not easy to find and buy but we can have it here.

  Either hot or cold drink with Khanom Koh will make us fresh and full.

Khanom Pang Pia or Khanom Dae Manda is good for the mother’s health after maternity. Khanom Ba Koh (stuffed with sesame and nuts) will be more tasteful when being served with morning hot coffee or afternoon tea.

Beside this, Khanom Na Taek, Khanom Kong Yun, Khanom Mo Lao(or Nha Phong) ,  Khanom Pui Khwai (in the heart shape with white sesame) including Khanom Kong Thueng made of cracked nuts, wrapped with dried bamboo leaves are at your choice and shopping at the cheap price.

The special Khanom Tao for Phor Tor event in the shape of turtle with red color are also produced from this shop.  Be assured that all kinds of snack for sales are without baking powder and preservative, they are good for the health.

So the Bubble Tea is a must and always try the snacks - but for me the winner are the Tao  Sa - a traditional snack - every time!

Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: opposite Ichisushi Phuket Town
Hours: Closed on Sunday

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