Saturday, May 25, 2013

A traditional Thai breakfast in Phuket Old Town - Phuket Muslim

This was certainly an interesting excursion because as I look at the photographs I have to be clear - I am not sure at all what it was that I ate! Tasted great when I got over the fact that my Thai is not good.

I was in Phuket Town waiting for an event - this also I have forgotten and it was to take place from Queen Sirikit Park. Being punctual I was there when I was asked to and then I remembered that many things in Thailand do not start when it says so on a piece of paper.

Never mind - I went to get breakfast - armed with my camera I walked into Phuket Old Town. There was a busy restaurant filled with a mixture of families and Thai people. Well the welcome I got was all embracing (see man at top). I do not think that they get many farangs in here! 

As I sat down on the stool I realised that I was not going to get a menu - I really should have used that Thai talking menu food App - but I was lost for words - next time.

I just nodded at everything that I was offered - I indicated other tables and got a mixture of things. I got a small dish of a meat which I did not recognise (not pork) in a sweet curry sauce, not my choice... Then I got the tradition Roti (i think) but it was chopped up and then a fried egg was placed on top. 

Yummy - not all of it...

Then I was served the Traditional Thai coffee (i think) it was very strong but very heavy - i wanted to add some 'sticky milk' but none was offered. I added the dried milk on the table and then lots of sugar - still STRONG!.

A great morning and thank you to all of the people who welcomed me so gracefully.

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