Monday, January 14, 2013

The Mangrove Panwa

We visited The Mangrove Panwa because it was so close to our house and it was Christmas so Jemma and I were in a very happy mood and I can't really remember a lot BUT the satay was good and the coffee was strong. 

BUT the prawns for the salad (which was bursting with flavour were not of a very good quality).

It was better than our first visit.

We will return - it was also a very nice touch that Jemma received a Christmas present from the staff.

Previous Visits


Phone Number: 076 315 531
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: 39/6 Moo 6, Ao-Yon Khaokhad Rd, Tambon Wichit
Hours: 07:00 - 22:00


  1. The mangrove panwa tastes great with coffee.I still remember when i had it for first time.
    I still remember the days of my phuket trip, my stay at Phuket villas,beaches,parks and many more.

  2. The prawn salad looks so yummy eventhough you mentioned they are not that fresh. The satay most certainly looks so mouth-watering indeed and to have it with coffee, is simply perfect. I have been to Phuket too and I simply loved the wide variety of local cuisine that they offer! Everywhere you go, you can easily get food to eat and will not be left starving while shopping for good bargains. I was there to view a property for sale and during my excess time, I went to explore all the nearby attractions.

    1. The satay won again after a visit last week! thank you for your comments