Monday, February 6, 2012

Central Festival - Food Court

This is a dish from a plethora of Thai dishes that can be purchased form this food court on the 3rd floor of Central Festival near to the cinema.

Eating here is different.  There are a number (14+) of small 'kitchens' - here you can choose which dish you would like to have and they will prepare it for you. 

1) Before you order buy give the ladies at the front some money (250 Baht)
2) These ladies will return a 'card' loaded with your cash.
3) Pick up a tray and cutlery
4) Go to the 'kitchen' of your choice
5) Choose the dish you want
6) The 'card' is given to the chefs - who will deduct the monies from the card
7) Get a drink - same procedure.
8) Eat it
9) Return the card to the ladies and any monies will be returned.

The outlets are popular with the local people Thai people and the prices are low.